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What makes Eldon C Stutman, Inc unique?   What is now Eastern Iowa’s largest supplier of agricultural products, started with one man showing extra kindness to his neighbors.  That spirit of kindness and service is still the core of who this company is today, over 80 years later.  When asked what makes Stutsman’s stand out, Mark Stutsman, the current COO, said “our founder, my grandfather, his philosophy was emphasize service, and sales will come naturally.  That is as true today as it was in 1934.”

Stutsman’s has been in the sprayer parts business since the 1960s.  Times have changed and to best serve their clients and develop a broader reach, they recently added an online shop,

They do it all:   Agronomy, Feed Ingredients, Manure Equipment, Precision Ag, Logistics, Field and Application Equipment, Grain Handing and Storage, Transportation, and Wholesale Parts and Valve.  

Family Owned, Stutsman’s is a company you really feel good about working with.