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Member Benefits:

Tools to compete in a competitive market, including:

  • Access to unique and innovative products and solutions,
  • Volume buying power for fertilizer, agri-chemicals and other agricultural inputs
  • Freedom to operate while benefiting from a team atmosphere
  • The ability to utilize fellow member capabilities and experiences

Integrated, Independent and Strategic Partnerships

  • Direct relationships with over 200 Fertilizer, Agri-Chemical, Biological, Organic, Surfactant and Specialty Suppliers (Ag and Non-Ag Inputs).
  • Grower Financing with two of the largest Agri-financial institutions in North America
  • Data Management Tools, via ApRecs, backed by Centricity Global to compete in the fast-paced digital era while still maintaining data privacy.
  • Broad vehicle purchasing and leasing programs with a major Leasing Company
  • Developing Insurance and other employee benefits packages across the group
  • Federal and State Regulatory Agents to ensure compliance across our footprint.
  • Active membership in major industry and trade associations, including the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), Western Plant Health Association (WPHA), Far-West Agri-business Association (FarWest) and Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers (CAAR).

Membership Capabilities

We are very passionate about strengthening the Independent Agricultural Retailer, so they can provide innovations, services and insights to their growers and other customers.  Our members have core competencies in the following general areas:

  • Sell and service a large percentage of their business to the Farm Gate,
  • Employ and Invest in Licensed Agronomists and Professional Crop Advisors,
  • Have facilities capital and the ability to warehouse and deliver products & services
  • Dedicated to the advancement of technological transfer to growers & markets.

Our Members

We have members across over 30 states and provinces in the US and Canada.

New Member Criteria

    • Members support and service direct to the Farm Gate (retailers and/ or growers)
    • Members employ and invest in Professional Crop Advisors and Agronomists
      Members possess facilities capital, capable of warehousing, delivery and service
    • Members engage in Differential Technology Transfer

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Join us in welcoming National Ag Chem Associates as our newest member!  

National Ag Chem Associates were established in 2002 and are owned and operated by Mr. John Goggans. The main office and operations are headquartered in Memphis, TN, with the focus of the business and 96% of the sales in Southeast Texas coast . Their basic business philosophy is to provide an independent retail alternative to traditional distribution with substantial savings, knowledge, and efficient, effective service to the farmgate. NACA has 3 commissioned warehouses located in Bishop, LaSara, and Raymondville TX.  They also have a contract formulation operation at the Raymondville facility where they manufacture specialized micronutrient and foliar feed blends.  They have contractual agreements with a large aerial applicator, a Professional Crop Advisor (PCA), and a formulation chemist to service their business.